Generators and Switchgear

LLB Enterprises LLC provides a wide array of electrical contracting services including installation and commissioning of generators and switchgear to support large scale operations.


LLB Enterprises LLC provides major brands of backup generators and automatic transfer switches such as Caterpillar, Generac, Kohler and Onan. These systems usually provide critical redundancy and typically require that underground conduits are installed and an equipment concrete pad is poured before being wired for power and control circuitry.  LLB Enterprises LLC has extensive experience installing complex power systems and will retrofit existing electrical gear or install new electrical gear and automatic transfer switches. We provide all piping for natural gas and installation of fuel tanks for diesel as well.

LLB Enterprises LLC specializes in the installation of Caterpillar generators and has established strong relationships with the manufacturer and local suppliers providing excellent buying power to give our customers the best and lowest cost generators for their applications.  We have worked extensively with CAT- ISO to custom manufacture switchgear that is designed to work specifically with Caterpillar generators for a fully automated electrical power system.


Leveraging extensive in-house expertise within our Electrical division, LLB Enterprises LLC offers broad knowledge and capabilities in designing and installing commercial switchgear up to 8,000 amps to federal clients.   Our experience includes:

  • Designing and installing switchgear brands such as Siemens, Square-D, Eaton and General Electric.
  • Installing wire and distributing power throughout the building.
  • Meggar or Hi-pot testing the wire to insure proper insulation requirements are maintained.
  • Testing GFI main breakers over 1200 amps as required by the NEC.
  • Start up and commissioning of all electrical equipment.

LLB Enterprises LC provides state-of-the-art technology offered by ISO-CAT to supply the industry’s most advanced switchgear to our clients.   ISO takes Eaton brand switchgear and provides full automation to operate with Caterpillar generators using Powerlinx technologies.  Powerlinx offers the customer operational control of the entire switchgear by touchscreen or remotely by computer.  This switchgear synchronizes multiple generators that run back to a single ISO switchgear.  Our customers can add future generators onto their existing switchgear as the need for backup power increases. This gear also provides load prioritizing and load shedding features.