Heating and Cooling

LLB Enterprises LLC is a leading provider of advanced, energy efficient HVAC systems providing reliable, cost-efficient comfort for both commercial and government buildings since 2003. Our highly experienced team of LEED certified professionals has an impressive track record of past performance providing the following solutions:

Solar Heating and Cooling

Employing the latest solar and renewable energy technologies such as concentrating solar power (CSP), active solar chillers and heat pumps, photovoltaic, etc., to protect our environment and drastically reduce energy costs to heat or cool your building.


Providing decades of experience installing both water and air-cooled chillers to provide the right temperature, humidity and ventilation, and help reduce your cost of operation, provide energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

Air handling Units

Serving all your AHU needs for both indoor and outdoor applications – either custom built, factory assembled, or factory fabricated, site assembled air handlers, including make-up air, economizer, heat recovery systems, recirculation & exhaust air, and desiccant dehumidification systems.

Cooling Towers

Helping you design, install and service the right evaporative cooling system to achieve a quiet, high performance, low maintenance solution that maximizes cost savings.